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Read stories, poems, and novel chapters by Daniel Arenson.

Fantasy Novel Chapters

  • Moth

    "I was born in the light. I was sent into darkness. This is my story."

  • A Legacy of Light

    "We live in a time of darkness. Requiem lies cloaked in shadows. Tonight we say: We will fight. We will keep our light blazing."

  • A Dawn of Dragonfire

    The dragons' cries rose in the night: for war, for fire, and for glory.

  • Eye of the Wizard

    Creepy monsters and underdog heroes.

  • Blood of Requiem

    Blood, steel, and dragonfire.

  • The Gods of Dream

    Enter the world of dreams and nightmares....

  • Flaming Dove

    Outcast from Heaven. Banished from Hell. Lost on earth.

  • Firefly Island

    A girl seeks her brother across an enchanted island full of monsters and magic.

Free Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories

  • "Somedays"

    New! A Firefly Island story.

  • "The Ugliest Thing"

    What is the nature of ugliness? First published in The Dark Krypt.

  • "Fairyborn"

    Can fairytales exist in the modern world? First published in SDO Fantasy.

  • "The Stars Are Crying"

    What if evil were beautiful... and your only hero were a simple-minded brute? First published in Gateway SF.

  • "Cyclops"

    How much would you sacrifice to be "normal"? First published in AlienSkin.

  • "The Greatest Show"

    A dark tale of television gone too far. First published in AlienSkin.

  • "Tigergirl"

    A young adult superhero story, originally published in Spinetingler.

  • "Fluff and the Lion"

    A children's story first published in Kisses for Kids.

  • "Old Tale"

    A story of tragedy and love. First published in AlienSkin.

  • "Bluebell and the Giant"

    A children's story first published at Beyond Centauri Magazine.

  • "Beauty and the Bot"

    Can you tell machine from human? First published in Nevermore.

  • "Mister Happiness"

    A macabre horror tale of depression. First published in Dark Krypt.

  • "Harbinger"

    A story first published in The Emporium Gazette.




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